1. What is the Consignment Process?
    Bring us your Motorcycle, and we’ll help you pick a price. We will inspect, detail, and photograph your motorcycle so it looks its best for buyers. We then list it for sale on our website and major motorcycle buying websites. In addition, we display it for sale at our store, which is located in a high-traffic retail area. We conduct test drives, negotiate a deal on your behalf, collect payment from the buyer, and do all the DMV paperwork. Once the motorcycle sells, you get a Check.

  2. How long will it take to sell my motorcycle?
    Every situation is different, as pricing, condition, and supply of similar motorcycles all impact the sales process, motorcycles sell in about 45 days. We promote all motorcycles nationwide, follow up on buyer question, and offer easy financing options, ensuring your motorcycle sells as quickly as possible.

  3. How do we price my motorcycle?
    You control the price throughout the process, we are experts at pricing motorcycles, and we’ll make a recommendation based on real-time sales listings for similar motorcycles, auction sales data, and trusted motorcycle pricing sources.

  4. Do I have to leave my motorcycle?
    Yes, it meaningfully increases your chances of a successful sale. Our online marketing efforts will drive nationwide exposure for your motorcycle, but our retail stores are in high traffic areas that receive a significant number of local walk-in customers. Having your motorcycle available for sale on the lot makes it easy for Customers to view the motorcycle maximizing your sale opportunities.

  5. What is the sales Fee’s?
    We take an up-front listing fee of $100, which covers, complete exterior detail, a motorcycle history report, and professional photographs. After we sell your motorcycle, we take a $400 sale fee directly from the sales proceeds. If we don’t sell your motorcycle, we don’t get paid a sale fee.

  6. Why use a flat fee system?
    A flat-fee drives two important factors: #1 it ensures that Maxway Motors is equally motivated to sell ANY of the motorcycles consigned regardless of price so that all customers are treated equally and #2 it ensures a positive buying experience since we have no incentive to push a certain motorcycle on a buyer.

  7. What do I bring with me?
    We will need a copy of your driver’s license, current registration, title or lienholder information, if applicable, and any available service records.
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